GrowPack Centre was created by two highly experienced executives in the packaging industry, Richard Moore and Arthur Stupay.

The Centre focuses on in-depth study of packaging products – metal, glass, plastics. It has compiled data and forecasts by product and region. It also provides data and analysis on the industry’s equipment suppliers.

Both executives are well-known in the industry, and members of the Editorial Board of the Canmaker Magazine.

Ardagh Group

The current report of the Centre, Ardagh Group, is written by the two principals and will be followed by additional studies on the other main companies in the industry.

The Centre interprets public data on the industry, supplemented by special surveys, industry contacts, and personal operating know-how to provide informed and relevant data and analysis.

The principals are available to make presentations to industry and company meetings and to undertake special reports and surveys of the industry.

Our team is experienced in providing valuation studies, and in assisting with due diligence and expert witness support as well as in commercial contract negotiation.


Richard Moore

Richard MooreRichard Moore is Chairman of RMRM Consultancy Limited, a Hong Kong company he set up in February 2014. Previously, he was CEO Metal Asia Pacific and Chief Corporate Development Officer for Ardagh Group. In this role, he was responsible for the Group’s existing businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, and for the development of new ventures in the region. As Chief Corporate Development Officer, he was at the same time responsible for R&D, M&A and market information for the Group. He was based in Hong Kong for two and a half years.

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Arthur M. Stupay

Arthur StupayArthur M. Stupay is founder and president of Tower Research, an investment banking and business analysis firm. He is a Senior Advisor (and former shareholder) of the public relations and investor relations firm of Dix & Eaton. He has been a consultant to a number of public companies, including BWAY Corporation, Waxman Industries, STERIS Corporation, and Olympic Steel, among many others. He is also Adjunct Professor of Economics at John Cabot University in Rome, offering a course in Comparative Economic Systems. Early in his career, he was an analyst in the Corporate Planning Department of American Can Company.

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Ardagh Group

History and Prospects of the Ardagh Group

Ardagh Group ReportOne of the least known packaging companies, Ardagh Group, has emerged in 2017 as an $8 billion dollar behemoth, with leading positions in beverage cans, food cans and glass containers.

As a new public company, data are now available on the Ardagh Group’s operations. This information is fully analyzed in a new 94 page report. It contains 27 sections and 20 tables, including sales and Ebitda by product line and region, with data on its business in Europe, U.S. and Brazil.

The report also highlights:

  • Industry can and glass sales by end-use: beer and beverages, food by category, and aerosols
  • Ardagh Group market share by region and product
  • Ball and Crown can sales by end product and region
  • Ardagh Group profit and balance sheet outlook

Included are separate tables on plant locations, detailing main activities. Also, management bios are provided for all of its key executives. Its acquisitions are analyzed in detail, including Impress and Verallia North America (VNA).

This report will be vital to corporate management, marketing executives, and financial analysts as well as industry suppliers and customers, including the main beverage and food companies.

The analysis has final 2016 data, updated through the first half of 2017, with a forecast through 2020.

Get current on this important new major competitor that has been impacting the $50 billion rigid packaging industry.

The authors are two well-known former executives and analysts in the industry, Richard Moore and Arthur Stupay.

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